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Our partners

3-Kuka_01AdvanSystems – is a system integrator of leading global manufacturer of industrial robots  — Kuka Roboter GmbH.




HIS Refrigeration engineering systems

Company » Refrigeration Engineering Systems » was founded in 2003. The main activity of the company:

  • design, supply and installation of refrigeration systems for food and processing industries , cold storages, fruit and vegetable storages;
  • design, supply and installation of HVAC systems for the food processing industry, dry and refrigerated warehouses , fruit and vegetable storages; , trading enterprises for public and industrial use;
  • construction of prefabricated buildings and facilities for dry and cold storage of food products and plants for the refining , processing refrigeration and freezing;
  • design, supply and installation of suction and scrubbing to different manufacturing processes , accompanied by the release of dust.



The company » Intra » specializes in engineering design, engineering analysis and manufacture in engineering ( cars, aircraft, turbomachine , machine tools)

The main activity of the company:

  • Design support using simulation and virtual testing of future products
  • Identify problems associated with strength, resource, design of overweight machinery
  • Search for the best from many points of view of product design, engineering documentation and electronic 3d- layouts
  • Create and debug of computational methods for the enterprise customers, implementation at the customer’s business processes associated with mathematical modeling
  • Learning the basics of mathematical modeling using modern software analysis and calculations




Company «SoberiZavod» is a manufacturer of construction profile  “seeNsee”.

The main activity of the company:

  • Development and production of structural shapes for industry in order
  • Design and assembly of structural aluminum profile machine.

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